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Productivity extensions for Apache JMeter™

Master the storm, get ready for sunshine...

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Increased productivity

Leverage your existing JMeter skills

Don't reinvent the wheel !

We provide plugins for complex protocols & technologies to make it effortless for you.

Realistic Tests

Based on the leading open-source solution for load testing

Simulate visitor behaviour that reflects real world usage

Cloud ready plugins to test hundred of thousands Users from all over the world

Performance & Expertise

Real tools made for real world.

All of our tools are production-proven, in various environments, at worldwide-scale companies.

Built by Apache JMeter experts and driven by a major contributor to Apache JMeter project.

Cost Effective

Pay only the extra protocols.

A Full featured solution with a competitive pricing, thanks to a Free and Open Source core.

Java Serialization Plugin

Java™ Serialization Plugin

Performance testing Spring™ Remoting, Java™ Serialization and applets made easy

GWT Plugin

GWT Plugin

Load testing GWT™-based applications in a breeze

HLS Plugin

Video Streaming Plugin

Realistic and Scalable Load Testing for MPEG Dash & Apple's HTTP Live Streaming formats

Flex Plugin

FLEX / Adobe AIR™ Plugin

Bullet-proof solution for Flex™/Air™ Desktop, Mobile & Web applications testing

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