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GWT Plugin

UbikLoadPack GWT Plugin enables GWT application scripting and performance testing

" It was very easy to get started using the plugin in JMeter. You can very easily parameterize Web UI requests/recordings in JMeter, as the plugin translates all GWT requests to readable XML. It makes maintenance of our performance tests much easier. The support at Ubik Ingénierie is excellent too. In most of our support requests we received an answer / solution within few hours. "

Thomas Kjærgaard - QA Chief Architect, Stibo System

Powerful - Get easily all the data you need even in complex GWTRPC structure :

  • Record and replay through JMeter Test Script Recorder and many more...
  • Design scenarios much easily thanks to XML-to-GWTRPC / GWTRPC-to-XML translation
  • Extract data from meaningful XML representation of GWTRPC Response
  • Release yourself from GWT serialization headache and technical IDs

Load test from anywhere in the Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), through PAAS (Redline13) or on premise

Easy Integration in the DevOps toolchain through deployments on Docker or Kubernetes

Click and play deployment through our Redline13 partners with Live metrics

" Out from several possibilities we have reviewed, the GWT Plugin solution offered by UBIK Load Pack solution has proved to be, by far, the best. It proved to be easy even for a team of newcomers in the field of testing to write scripts and interpret results without intimate knowledge of internal serialization mechanisms of GWT. It is worth mentioning the quality of support we got from UBIK Load Pack, in terms both of substance and fast response time. "

Traian Ionescu - CEO Adviser, SIVECO

Great scalability, our tool is able to handle thousands of Virtual Users per machine

Lightweight, develop in an ongoing effort to optimum performance

Based on Open Source Apache JMeter, the Leading load test tool

Easy to use, "JMeter" like philosophy and no coding skills needed

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