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Load Test

Load Testing

We manage your load test campaign from scripting to reporting including tuning by experts in performance

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Environment Configuration


Increase your ROI in load testing with our methodology and our experts coaching

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Plugin developement

JMeter plugins development

Add to Apache JMeter the features you need

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Performance testing training

Learn Load Testing best-practices and increase your productivity in this field

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Performance test

Performance testing campaigns

Ensure you benefit from load testing :

  • Reduce costs : Reduce the cost of your infrastructures using them at their maximum potential
  • Branding : Foresee stability or performance issues and increase customers satisfaction
  • Anticipate your growth : Better planning of your investments by knowing beforehand the limits of your applications

With more than 500 tests campaigns on multiple environments and technologies, and with load tests simulating of several millions visitors a day, we are able to handle the most complex campaigns.

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  • right arrow Performance, stress, stability and limit tests and much more
  • right arrow Bullet-proof methodology and toolset
  • right arrow Pinpoint contention points of your infrastructure or application
  • right arrow Detailed and meaningful reports
  • right arrow Recommendations on how to improve performance
  • right arrow Ability to develop our recommendations or validate them if developed by 3rd party


Performance testing is not easy and requires experience to get relevant and usable results.

There are lots of obstacles, from poorly designed scenari, to improperly configured test server or misinterpretated results.

Our experts can help you in all these fields and ensure you get maximum benefit from your campaign and investments.

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  • right arrow Advice on scenarii choice and required tests
  • right arrow Setup and certification of your testing platform
  • right arrow Audit and validation of your existing scripts and scenario
  • right arrow Analysis of results and recommendations during or after the tests in order to improve your infrastructure or application
Environment configuration and tuning
On demand development

Extend JMeter with new features

Apache JMeter is an open-source made to simulate high traffic on Web applications and numerous other protocols.

Despite its wealth, some protocoles or features might not be available natively and you would like to have them as a plugin ?
You would like to sponsor some features in core?

Involved in Apache JMeter for more than 10 versions, we can develop custom extensions and plugins for you that follow JMeter development philosophy and best practices.

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  • right arrow Major contributor of Apache JMeter
  • right arrow Numerous technologies and protocoles mastered through our commercial offers
  • right arrow Large experience in Java and Web development
  • right arrow Happy customers using our plugins

Performance testing training

Attend one of our sessions dedicated to load testing to gain conclusive results and make the most of Apache JMeter features.

Standard training cycles last from 3 to 5 days depending on their content and are directed toward an audience willing to begin load-testing autonomously with Apache JMeter.

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  • right arrow Introduction to load testing methodology
  • right arrow Learn JMeter
  • right arrow Scripting workshops
  • right arrow Reporting setup and configuration
  • right arrow Advanced use of Apache JMeter
Load Testing trainings