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Enterprise grade plugins for Apache JMeter™

Load Testing easily complex Protocols!

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Auto-Correlator Plugin

Auto-Correlator Plugin

Fast and Easy Load Testing for complex Web-Based Clients (Vaadin, Oracle JD Edwards, ...)

Video Streaming Plugin

Video Streaming Plugin

Realistic and Scalable Load Testing for MPEG Dash, Apple's HTTP Live, Microsoft Smooth and Adobe HDS Streaming formats

GWT Plugin

GWT Plugin

Load testing GWT™-based applications in a breeze

Java Serialization Plugin

Java™ Serialization Plugin

Performance testing Spring™ Remoting, Java™ Serialization and applets made easy

Monitoring Plugin for APMs

Analyze your JMeter load in APMs (Dynatrace OneAgent, Dynatrace AppMon, AppDynamics, New Relic and NudgeAPM) and correlate with your infrastructure metrics

Flex Plugin

FLEX / Adobe AIR™ Plugin

Bullet-proof solution for Flex™/Air™ Desktop, Mobile & Web applications testing

Increased productivity

Leverage your existing JMeter skills

Don't reinvent the wheel !

We provide Load Testing plugins for complex protocols & technologies to make it effortless to you.

Realistic Tests

Based on the leading open-source solution for load testing

Simulate visitor behaviour that reflects real world usage

Cloud ready plugins to test hundred of thousands Users from all over the world

Performance & Expertise

Real tools made for real world.

All of our tools are production-proven, in various environments, at worldwide-scale companies.

Built by Apache JMeter experts and driven by a major contributor to Apache JMeter project.

Cost Effective

Pay only the extra protocols.

A Full featured solution with unbeatable pricing, based on Apache JMeter.

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