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We have grown on a global scale as we now have users from every continent in the world (except Antarctica :-) )
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Success Story for our Video Streaming Plugin

My team and I have long been looking for a vendor-supported solution to run HLS/MSS/DASH VoD and linear tests against CDN and origin solutions in functional and non-functional domains, with all the functionality and framework that JMeter provides and the ability to orchestrate across private and public cloud.

We have worked closely with Ubik and their excellent support team while we tuned the plugins to automate deploy, scale and collect the QoE metrics captured.

The flexibility that the UbikLoadPack plugins provide allow our DevOps, Operations and Support teams to make rapid repeated tests, or detailed investigations with results that can be sensibly aggregated for analysis.

Tim Gebbett Head of Content Delivery Platform
Sky | Tech UK | Engineering


Success Story for our GWT Plugin

SIVECO Romania is using and has used Apache JMeter as a test tool for the past 10 years. It is employed for performance testing of Web applications. Once we had to swap to GWT Enterprise applications development the need to make use of mechanisms aimed at simplifying Apache JMeter script development has occurred. While our developers easily cope with the interpretations of raw results provided by JMeter, the matter is not so simple for testers with limited Java experience, as it is often the case.

Therefore, we had to look for help elsewhere. Out from several possibilities we have reviewed, the GWT Plugin solution offered by UBIK Load Pack solution has proved to be, by far, the best.

It proved to be easy even for a team of newcomers in the field of testing to write scripts and interpret results without intimate knowledge of internal serialization mechanisms of GWT.

It is worth mentioning the quality of support we got from UBIK Load Pack, in terms both of substance and fast response time.

We would gladly advise anyone in need to take advantage of GWT Plugin offered by UBIK Load Pack

Traian Ionescu CEO Adviser
Traian.Ionescu at


Success Story for our Java Serialization Plugin

I would like to write this testimony for the UbikLoadPack JavaSer plugin for Apache JMeter. We had a unique issue in which we were running a 3rd party Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) software that uses Java Serialization in the client side applet. This posed a big issue for us since we could not get any of our JMeter scripts to work properly due to an embedded timer in the serialized objects that we could not modify with JMeter.

We discovered the UbikLoadPack Plugin, got a trial version and it solved 90% of our issues out of the box. We ran into an issue that the COTS software used customized Serialization. We contacted Ubik-Ingenierie and with the help of their technical staff, they were able to overcome this issue and we are now able to get everything working even with the customized Serialization!

Our dealings with UbikLoadPack has been top notch (support and technical solution), not only they are JMeter experts but they are Java experts as well!
I would highly recommend any organization that is considering using Jmeter especially with Java Serialization to contact Ubik-Ingenierie!

Hung Ly Solution Architect

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