UBIK Load Pack

Enterprise grade plugins for Apache JMeter™

Analyze performance test results easily with your APM !

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Monitoring Plugin for APMs

UbikLoadPack Integrates your performance test results in popular APMs

" I intend to promote your plugin whenever I (or my colleagues) encounter a customer environment with JMeter load testing. The main added value of your plugin is clearly the BackendListener implementation to push jMeter metrics to Dynatrace. "

Dynatrace Sales Engineer

Powerful - Easy integration with main market APMs

Identify slow and invalid transactions of a performance tested application using the following APMs

Dynatrace, OneAgent, AppDynamics, NewRelic, Instana

Easy Integration in the DevOps toolchain through deployments on Docker or Kubernetes

Send detailed metrics of your load test to Dynatrace for easy correlation

Live and Post analysis of tests through integration with APMs

Load test from anywhere in the Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), through PAAS (Redline13) or on premise

Great scalability, our tool is able to handle thousands of Virtual Users per machine

Lightweight, develop in an ongoing effort to optimum performance

Based on Open Source Apache JMeter, the Leading load test tool

Easy to use, "JMeter" like philosophy and no coding skills needed

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